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Leadership & Team Development

Equine Assisted Learning is an exciting new way in which horses are used as teachers. They help develop personal growth, leadership skills, trust and how to be part of a team.

How can EAL help improve your workplace?

  • EAL takes your employees out of the regular "classroom" setting and creates a fun interactive experience which you will carry along with you after you leave the arena.

  • Horses give honest and instant feedback as they know no other way.

  • EAL encourages creative thinking, trust, problem-solving, leadership skills, teamwork and building relationships.

  • A greater gain of self-awareness and how you are perceived by others.

  • Become a better team member.

  • Enhances the abilities of individuals to work more effectively together.

  • Hands-on experience.

  • Horses reveal the hidden dynamic of your team.

  • Activities encourage individuals to work together as a team for a positive result.

FLAR Equine Experience will work closely with you and custom build a program which will specifically be designed around the needs of your group in Halifax.