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Our mission is to effectively facilitate a safe environment that connects people through the kindness of the horse and builds healthier lives using a productive approach to empower individuals while having fun.


Participation, retention, fun and of course.... a horse!


The value of using horses as a teaching tool to learn new skills has been proven time and time again in the teaching of young people and adults. 



Horses understand how to differentiate between potentially threatening behaviour and calm and assertive nature. Children and adults have the chance to work with our Development Programs are able to learn how to modify their behaviour through sets of exercises that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. It is the experience of being in close contact with horses that has the most effect on people.

Searching for alternatives to traditional education? Emphasizing self-responsibility, participative education attempts to involve the person in experiences relevant to his/her future and to provide them with the opportunity for learning from these experiences. 

It has been proven... That the more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained. The more we involve learners, the more senses are engaged, thereby increasing the probability that they will learn, retain, and apply what they have learned.